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A Brighter Future for Every Child


Community programs that provide hope, help and transformation. 
Servants International
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Providing a safe home and education for children in desparate need


In times of crisis, providing food and support for people in desperate situations 

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Serving the community children with early education and food program 

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Providing neighboring villages with safety and shelter during dangerous storms and flooding


Bangladesh Map
Bangladesh countryside

The world's most densely populated country.  With a population of 167 Million people living in an area the size of Iowa.  Home to the endangered Bengal tiger and the world's largest mangrove forest. Sundarban.  This lush green country is known for having the most friendly and hospitable people. Bangladesh is the world's second largest exporter of garments and textiles after China. 

With a heavy dependence on agriculture, about half of the labor force is employed in farming. Bangladesh has one of the world's fastest growing economies at 7.5% however 75% of the families are surviving each day on $2 USD.  The average family size is 4-6 people.  In villages and rural areas, people live in small clusters of bamboo or mud huts.  Bangladesh grows significant quantities of rice, tea, potato, mango and spices.  They are leading producers of goat milk and meat.   Located in a tropical region, Bangladesh experiences frequent flooding and cyclone strikes.  The people of Bangladesh are 90% Muslim, 9% Hindu and less than 1% Christian.

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