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Home of Love

Home for Boys Ages 4-18

With capacity for 36 boys, this home serves young boys deprived of education safety and nutrition.  This home is a safe and loving place where boys receive food, education and grow up learning about Jesus.

The HOL was established in 2002 with six boys.  Presently the orphanage has 36 boys.  Each boy accepted has come from an impoverished state where one or both parents have died and the extended family is not able to care for them.  These boys are rescued from poverty and lack of education. 

  • The home is secured and each boy receives education, clothes, food, medical and housing with additional opportunities for art music and social development.

  • There are plans to add 5 more boys in 2024

  • We are planning to extend the building by adding a second floor which will provide space for at least 30 more boys

  • With this expansion more staff will be required and initial supplies (furniture, tables, bins, etc.)


The HOL provides a safe place to live, nutritious food, quality education, social development and everything they need to grow into adulthood. 

The monthly cost to support a boy is $45.  

If you would like to financially support this project, it will change the life of a child.

Servants International
Select Bangladesh-LYN
Educational Scholarships
  • College Scholarship Fund for Graduates

    • Today we are sponsoring boys and girls through grade 12

    • We have made plans to continue their education for an associate degree (grade 16)

    • Sponsorships will cost $100/month  Nursing, Accounting, Business Administration, English Literature, etc.


In order to maintain the building and provide for supplies and utilities, the home has taken on agricultural projects to provide food for the children as well as some income.

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