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Educational Programs

Artistic works expose students to deep personal perspectives and intimate experiences.  Through these experiences students find ways to see themselves and relate to others.  With the use of technology, we are able to teach art and music classes for all the children in the orphanages.

Online Art & Music Classes
  • We are providing art and music classes for all boy and girls in the orphanages

  • Providing children with artistic works expose them to deep personal perspectives and intimate experiences that help them wind new ways to see themselves and relate to God.

  • We have a volunteer professional art and music providing 6 hours of training a month

  • Any amount financial donation is appreciated to provide art supplies.

Family Fostership Program
  • We are helping young kids who’s parents are living under severe poverty

  • We provide for educational, clothes, food and hygiene products

  • These children are ages 5-17 who will continue living with their parents

  • The cost is $30/month

Servants International
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Education Restoration Program
  • Remediation for children 4-8 years old who have fallen behind their grade level

  • This program provides additional education and 2 hours/day 4 days/week with some snacks

  • The cost is to operate 1 educational center is $3,000/year serving 15 children.

Mentoring - Advanced Students Particfipate
  • Opportunity for advanced students who are headed to college (grade 9-12)

  • This program provides opportunity to work and earn a small amount of income

  • 2 hours/day 4 days/week mentoring younger children

  • The money earned will be kept in a saving account and will be to ensure their university studies

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